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8 effective scripts for business by Tovie DialogStudio

A bot is a virtual assistant that interacts with customers via messages or calls

Bots are an emerging technology. Adoption rates have been steadily growing as a means for businesses to automate communications in marketing, sales and customer support.

Today, 64% of companies believe ‌bots help to provide a personalized approach to customer interaction

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Tovie tools make a difference for retailers in e-commerce. It is efficient, easy to handle, and provide a part of the service, ensuring that the customer does not leave a home page with doubts.

Camila Balegre, Founder of Jardim Exótico

Here are 8 effective scripts from Tovie DialogStudio to take your customer service and sales to the next level

Available 24/7

Be available 24/7 to retain customers

Most customers seek a business that solves their problems quickly and efficiently. So speed is more important than ever.

Simply set up a chatbot on your website or any other channel to instantly address any inquiries. Any overly complex cases can easily be redirected to agents.

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Jardim Exótico Brazil created a customer support chatbot, which cleared a large backlog of requests and reduced the average response time by 50%

Call center

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Cut call center costs

Some companies hire additional agents when they get more enquiries from customers. You can replace/augment expensive human agents with Smart IVR to save time and money on communication.

Smart IVR, otherwise known as a voice bot, automates the process and understands customers' natural language. It can also use CRM data as part of the dialogue or transfer the call to an agent if the customer insists on it.

One of our partners launched a bot agent for an organisation providing domestic services to the public. The bot works 24/7 and handles over 200 requests a day, which is five times more than a human agent is able to do (35-50 requests)


Get more leads while spending less

Website visitors are often reluctant to share personal details and ignore traditional data collection forms. Trained to handle customer rejections, AI-powered bots can start a friendly conversation with visitors and collect the data needed.

A chatbot can interact with visitors easily, and the cost of such leads can be several times cheaper. You can create the chatbot that offers your visitors a discount for their contact information on a website or in any intstant messenger.

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Lost customers

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Bring back lost customers and get more orders

It takes several weeks and a packed call center to reach a multi-thousand contact base to inform customers about a new offer.

The bot, on the other hand, can complete the task in just a few hours. This way you can increase earnings and optimize a call center’s workload.

Our customers already use this scenario in the DialogStudio platform. The pizza chain launched a voice bot which called 150,000 customers. As a result, 17% of them showed interest in the special offer, and 3.3% converted into paying customers by placing an order


Lead your customers directly to a purchase or a CTA

Some websites with a complex web navigation system have a damaging effect on the visitors’ experience.

This is where the navigator bot can help. It can answer FAQs, support users through the website navigation, and drive online engagement. The solution can save you a lot of time and money on website redesign.

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Our client RIN uses a simple navigator bot on their website. The bot has already brought them a 20% growth in membership conversion and a real-time resolution of questions during the sign-up process

Lost sales

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Text-To-Speech voice

Recapture lost carts and lost sales

Customers often place items in their shopping carts, but never proceed to checkout. It's a time-consuming and expensive operation to remind each such buyer of an abandoned cart.

Bots can contact many customers at once. This way you will reduce the time spent between order placement and checkout. Most importantly, you don't lose a valuable potential customer.

Growth of business

Find growth opportunities for your business

Chatbots make it faster, cheaper and easier to collect customer feedback and keep tabs on brand loyalty.

Survey chatbots engage with customers like a real person and ask questions that are related to a product or service.

This way, you are always aware of your clients’ insights. Use this data to improve your service and win more loyal customers.

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Keep in touch on social media channels

The bot can handle most queries in messages, saving you time.

DialogStudio bots have natural language understanding (NLP feature), so they can understand users' intents and chat with any customer naturally.

Moreover, social media users increasingly feel more comfortable to communicate with chatbots. According to Socialtoolkits statistics, over 50% of customers would even buy a product from a bot.

All these scenarios can be easily applied to your own business with Tovie DialogStudio builder

No tech background or coding skills needed

The platform offers ready-to-go templates and an option to create a new scenario from scratch

Now available in English, Portuguese and Spanish.

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