Automate customer acquisition & service with Website Navigation Bot

Proactively engage with potential customers, capture leads and streamline first-line customer service with AI-powered chat & voice bots


Users leave a website after 30 seconds if they can’t find the necessary information


Web Navigation Assistant helps website visitors find exactly what they need


Lower churn, higher conversion, and user satisfaction rates

Why you need a Website Navigation Bot

Your customers are demanding

Modern digital customers have on average 5 to 10 questions when they land on your website and will wait less than 30 seconds for service before they leave

You invest heavily in online channels

Seeing the value in customer acquisition via digital channels, you drive prospects to your website as part of your physical and digital marketing activities, which costs you money and time

Your website contains a plethora of information

Сustomers come looking for certain information and your website likely already offers 40% of what they need. However, this information is usually dense, time-consuming to digest and spread across multiple pages

AI-powered virtual assistant becomes a direct portal to the information your website visitors are looking for


Reduce operational cost and staff support hours by empowering self-service and self-discovery


Get rich analytical insight into prospect behaviour and questions to optimise user journey


Grow conversion rates and increase user engagement with Conversational AI


AI-powered virtual assistants use NLP and can understand natural language - even with mistakes and typos


of consumers want real-time assistance


of users are unlikely to return to site after bad experience


of businesses use chatbots to deliver answers faster


is the average satisfaction rate of bot-only chats

Conversational AI helps businesses handle online traffic spikes caused by the COVID-19 pandemic

Businesses have turned to chatbots as part of their response to Covid-19 since they are forced to balance surging online demand and dwindling resources

AI assistants can handle simple, repetitive tasks like answering frequently asked questions and first-line support, which frees up staff members to focus on other matters

Pandemic added an extra $218.53 billion to US e-commerce sales in 2020-2021

What can the Website Navigation Bot do?


Let the chatbot answer frequently asked questions and communicate with users in real-time at scale

First-line support

Virtual assistant effortlessly handles customer queries, providing instant responses 24/7, and transfers more complex requests to human agents

View the RIN success story

Proactive engagement

Website navigation assistant automatically reaches out to visitors answering their questions and ensuring instant service, drive online engagement and push members towards calls to action

Lead generation

Designed to cultivate relationships with prospects, virtual website assistants can collect client information, offering information & marketing services in return

Trained & live on your site in just 2 weeks

  • Our AI technology ingests your website, analyses the content and trains a dedicated robot
  • Our human teams perform manual refinement and quality assurance testing
  • The robot is embedded into your website

Learn more

Discover how AI bots empower societies, charities, and NPOs

Find out how chat and voice bots automate member journeys for the Royal Institute of Navigation

Technologies that make the virtual assistant stand out

  • Built-in NLU core for natural language understanding
  • ASR (Automatic speech recognition) / TTS (Text-to-Speech) technology
  • Prebuilt user behaviour patterns
  • API connectivity

Create a compelling user experience and transform messages into action

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