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Let the most advanced technologies power your business

Tovie AI offers an array of AI solutions for businesses, ranging from voice and text bots to Generative AI-powered agents. These solutions cater to businesses of all sizes, elevating customer service and employee engagement

Compliant & Validated for Security with IBM

Tovie AI’s conversational AI solutions for Financial Services are validated and available on the IBM Cloud for Financial Services®.

Fuel business innovation and growth with Generative AI

Our consulting services leverage Generative AI expertise to identify your business optimisation potential, transforming your data into actionable insights for accelerated growth

Learn more about our approach to AI consulting:

discover the University of Lincoln use case

Transforming the University of Lincoln with Conversational AI

The University of Lincoln embarked on a consulting project with Tovie AI to unlock the potential of conversational AI within their organisation.

The project involved conducting workshops with stakeholders, examining their systems and available APIs, exploring use cases, and compiling a business case that highlighted key areas where the technology could be useful. The consulting work focused on assessing the University's AI readiness, considering factors such as data availability, value proposition, system capabilities, and infrastructure. The project aimed to help the university understand if they were ready to adopt the technology and make informed decisions about its implementation.

The project resulted in the identification of multiple use cases across the university, detailed business cases, and strategic investment decisions for the following year. The approach taken in the project was user-centric, identifying pain points and inefficiencies within the university's operations and then finding suitable technology solutions to address them.
Armed with strategic insights, the University of Lincoln made informed investments for the coming year and positioned itself at the forefront of innovation.

Boost your digital transformation with AI solutions

Our solutions are crafted with precision and a clear objective, incorporating only what is essential to drive real value to your business operations


Implement your personalised search Data Agent that facilitates seamless interaction with your corporate data


Transform your digital public services with AI and offer effective multi-channel services to your citizens


Leverage loan collection performance with Debt Collections Bot


Lower contact centre costs with AI Voice Bots and Smart IVR

How To

How to Use Generative AI in Finance and Banking: Implementation Tips

Expert Opinion

Top 10 Generative AI Trends to Watch in 2024

Tovie AI introduces Tovie On-AIR, a new ChatGPT-based solution that turns any textual media into an immersive radio stream

From text news to multilingual talk radio shows powered by AI - we revolutionise the way media can reach new audiences!

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Partner with us to expand your business opportunities

Grow your business with conversational interfaces


We ensure your Conversational AI solution is tailored to your customers, taking into account their specific requirements and concerns


We firmly believe that any innovation or solution should provide meaningful value to your business and increase sales. We guarantee that there is a clear use case from the start


We create a comprehensive solution that aligns with your customers' journey and enhances at key moments

Companies that succeeded with Tovie products

Large Language Models are revolutionising the data-centric world, enhancing real-time engagements and workflows, making them vital for innovative enterprises. Harnessing our extensive expertise in AI, we're ready to contribute our best practices and valuable experiences to the global community.

Tovie AI Team

Custom Generative AI for enterprise

Enhance time-to-market efficiency

Tovie AI accelerates content production and streamlines workflows, boosting decision speed and customer engagement, enabling rapid product deployment and a competitive business edge.

Mitigate risks and drive value with Tovie AI

As businesses acknowledge generative AI's risks and opportunities, proactive steps are key to its value-driven use. Tovie AI guides companies in safely exploiting this technology.

Trust is the basis of our relationships with customers

Tovie tools make a difference for retailers in e-commerce. It is efficient, easy to handle, and provide a part of the service, ensuring that the customer does not leave a home page with doubts.

Camila Balegre

Founder of Jardim Exótico

The chatbot has been an engaging and eye-catching way to encourage website visitors to explore the project information. The monthly summary reports allow the project team to understand what our visitors are interested in, allowing us to tailor future communications to them.

Olivia White

PCM, Bradwell B

The first benefit we are seeing from Tovie AI’s implementation is more insights into what our website visitors are looking for. The implementation was hassle-free and Tovie AI has integrated easily into our existing front-end and back-end systems.

John Pottle

RIN Director

The innovative AI assistant implemented by Tovie AI is a game-changer that provides 24/7 support and positively impacts our educational platform's user experience. We plan to add an animated avatar and leverage Generative AI, setting the stage for an even more interactive and effective user experience.

Orlando Powell


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