Dramatically reduce wait time and prevent customer churn with a Call-back Assistant

Let the telephony-based virtual assistant handle incoming customer calls and schedule a call-back with the next available agent


Customers get frustrated when they have to wait on hold


A call-back assistant ensures every customer query is addressed and provides agents with context


Shorter wait time, happier agents and customers, better brand reputation

Reduce average handling time and provide agents with more context

Agent support in peak times

Sometimes the volume of calls is so high that call centre agents fail to handle them, and customers cannot get through. With a call-back AI assistant handling the calls, customers don’t get frustrated waiting on hold

Higher customer control

Telephony-based virtual assistant intercepts incoming customer calls and schedules a call-back with the next available agent by proposing convenient time slots, even if your contact centre has closed for the day

Context-aware attribution

This solution focuses around reducing average handling time and wait times by scheduling customer calls when agents have availability and arming them with context about a particular customer queries and issues before they call-back

How a Call-back Assistant benefits your business

Better customer experience

Waiting on hold wastes customers’ time and leads to many getting frustrated, dampening their experience of your company. Customer call-back syncs perfectly with the concept of offering an omnichannel experience, which is shown to create more valuable and loyal customers

Increased first call resolution rates

A great way to ensure more problems get resolved with just one phone call is to provide your agents with more call context. If an agent can look at customer information before taking a call, they can prepare for the conversation and be better equipped to resolve the issue. Customer call-back offers this exact opportunity

Lower contact centre costs

A call-back option is a simple solution as it takes customers out of the hold queue, reducing the associated toll charges. It also helps you free up phone lines, which will lower trunk costs

Smoother peak times

How do you cope when you don’t have enough agents to deal with the number of calls? Offering customers an option for a call-back cuts down hold times and helps to smooth out the large volume of calls received during peak times

Reduced abandonment rates

Call abandonment rates are one of the most important key performance indicators for contact centres. By giving customers the choice of getting a call-back, you break the cycle of hanging up, ringing back 2 minutes later, being placed on hold, and hanging up again, which leads to happier customers

Enhanced call attribution

With call-back software, you can see exactly what user journey has resulted in a customer clicking the call-back option


of consumers want real-time assistance


of customers prefer to call on the phone


of customers choose a call-back over waiting on hold


of customer interactions AI will handle by 2025

AI-assistants can automate many post–pandemic specific tasks:


Get a perfectly calculated callback with perfectly estimated wait time and queueing integrity


Flexible APIs mean the solution can be integrated with any existing booking software used by the agents should the APIs be available


Call-back double-check removes repeat callers by preventing one number from requesting multiple calls


AI-powered virtual assistants use NLP and can understand natural language

Technologies that make the virtual assistant stand out

  • Built-in NLU core for natural language understanding
  • ASR/TTS technology (Automatic speech recognition/ Text-to-Speech)
  • Prebuilt user behaviour patterns
  • API connectivity

Raising the bar in the conversational AI industry


What is call back assist?

Call back assist is a service where customers can request a call back instead of waiting on hold. They choose a time for a company representative to call them back, making it more convenient for customers. When the scheduled time comes, a representative contacts them to address their inquiries and issues.

What is a callback in business?

In business, a callback is when a company follows up with a customer to address their issues or requests at a later agreed-upon time. It allows the business to provide timely assistance and ensure customer satisfaction. The most effective way to offer call-backs to customers is through implementing a digital call-back assistant.

How does a call back work?

A callback system allows customers to request a return call from a company at a convenient time instead of waiting on hold. The process typically involves the following steps: customer request for a callback providing a phone number and issue details; scheduling a convenient time; call confirmation; and then assistance where the company representative calls back to address the customer's concerns.

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