How Kodland reduced contact centre costs with low-code voice and chatbots


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Kodland is an online educational platform where students from 6 to 17 years old master digital skills by creating real-life projects. Kodland uses a chatbot to automate and scale the lesson confirmation process, as well as increase students’ performance.


Kodland provides a safe online learning environment for over 20,000 students, helping them master new skills and create their digital inventions.

As an e-learning company, Kodland communicates with hundreds of customers and prospects daily. So, much of the company’s operations revolve around customer interactions. Contact centre agents had to perform routine tasks like calling the user base to confirm the lesson details and ensure students came prepared. That often resulted in a lot of extra work for customer support staff, while the process was hard to scale and control.

Monitoring the quality of customer interactions was also challenging: the conversation records were often incomprehensible, which made it nearly impossible to tell at which point customers dropped off.

The need for Conversational AI automation became apparent. The Kodland team learned about Tovie DialogStudio through a friend’s reference to the Jardim Exótico case, where a chatbot handles FAQs for an online portal selling plants and natural items in Brazil. After comparing it to other low-code tools available on the market, the team opted for DialogStudio to build their customer support bot.


Automate the confirmation process and make it scalable

Lower customer interaction costs

Make the confirmation process transparent and controllable

Reduce the number of lessons where students come unprepared


The bot contacts the customer via phone call or text message to confirm that students or prospects will attend a lesson.

As most Kodland students are underage, they need an adult to be present at the online lesson. This is a crucial part of the confirmation process, along with other important details like necessary equipment and contact information.

When the bot fails to reach the customer, it sets a reminder and makes several attempts to get through. If the customer asks to reschedule the lesson, the bot helps them find the most suitable time slot. 

The bots summarise all the customer interaction results and pass them on to human agents, so they can take over at any moment and be better prepared.



The Kodland team has been relying on the customer support bot for over a year and is happy with the results. Originally the bot made 2.5 K calls per month, and gradually most customer interactions shifted to text-based communication.

By Kodland's estimates, the bot allowed them to cut customer support costs by some 40%. DialogStudio analytics capabilities enable them to see when customers drop off, so they can review the dialogues and find out the reasons.

DialogStudio helped us make the lesson confirmation process scalable and more transparent. Now we know exactly what we're saying to the customers without the need to constantly listen to confirmation manager calls.

Pavel Zagorodnikh, CPO, Kodland

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