Automate customer interactions and scale employee expertise with chatbots

Go for cost-effective customer service, faster response times and easier business transactions


Customers expect 24/7 availability, fast response times, and omnichannel service


Сhatbots reduce wait times, resolve queries, and lower costs


Lower churn, higher conversion, and user satisfaction rates

Create a compelling user experience and transform messages into actions



Facebook Messenger





Microsoft Teams




of consumers want real-time assistance


of users don’t care if they deal with humans or AI bots


of businesses use chatbots to deliver answers faster


is the average satisfaction rate of bot-only chats

How do chatbots benefit businesses?

Business-to-customer interactions

Contact Centers, Marketing, Sales, Customer Care

Save time

Reduce costs

Collect feedback

Improve engagement

Interact across channels

Expand the customer base

Qualify leads

Scale to global markets

Internal communication

Human Resources, IT Support, Administrative Departments

Assign tasks

Report issues

Automate HR tasks

Onboard and train employees

Schedule requests

Increase customers' and agents’ satisfaction with Conversational AI automation


Reduce operational cost and staff support hours by empowering self-service and self-discovery


Get rich analytical insight into prospect behaviour and questions to optimise user journey


Grow conversion rates and increase user engagement with Conversational AI


AI-powered virtual assistants use NLP and can understand natural language - even with mistakes and typos

Technologies that make the virtual assistant stand out

  • Built-in NLU core for natural language understanding
  • ASR/TTS technology (Automatic speech recognition/
  • Prebuilt user behavior patterns
  • API connectivity

Are you ready for Conversational AI automation with Tovie AI?


How is AI used in chatbots?

AI is used in chatbots through technologies such as NLP, ML, contextual understanding, intent recognition, sentiment analysis, personalisation, and continuous learning.

AI enhances the capabilities of chatbots to simulate a conversation with a user in natural language. It empowers chatbots to understand and respond to user queries more intelligently and effectively, delivering more personalised and meaningful interactions.

How do AI chatbots work?

AI chatbots work by leveraging NLP to understand user messages and generate responses based on pre-defined rules and machine learning models. When a user asks a question, the AI chatbot answers in natural language as if it were a real person using the knowledge database that is currently available to it. The chatbot manages the flow of conversation, connects with backend systems, continuously learns from data, and can smoothly transition to human agents when necessary.

Why use AI chatbots?

Businesses use AI chatbots to automate tasks performed frequently and at specific times. This prevents customers from waiting for responses and offers employees time to focus on high-value tasks.

AI chatbots can help businesses provide fast, personalised, affordable customer support. They enhance customer satisfaction, increase engagement, and optimise operational efficiency, making them valuable assets across various industries.

Which is the best AI chatbot?

Choosing the best AI chatbot for your business depends on several factors, such as your business needs, the intended purpose, specific requirements, desired features and your budget. It is recommended to evaluate different chatbot platforms based on features, ease of use, customisation options, integration capabilities, scalability, and availability of support and documentation. Tovie AI chatbots can be an excellent option for businesses looking to implement powerful chatbots quickly and easily. We have our own ecosystem of bot-building tools, 30+ readily available integrations and high customisation and scalability options.

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