Deliver unmatched customer service with Conversational AI for banking

AI solutions to automate and streamline operations for better customer experiences and efficiency

Achieve service excellence through digital transformation

43% of customers prefer chatbots over visiting a branch to complete tasks

87% of customers report having a positive customer experience with chatbots

In the financial services industry, operations and customer experiences are connected, opening up new dimensions of customer excellence.

Conversational interfaces are a proven tool for achieving customer-centricity and are well received by customers. A strong chatbot strategy can streamline processes and redefine customer engagement by providing easy access to facilities and delivering a more personalised and satisfying experience.

Conversational AI use cases for financial services

Tovie AI’s voice and chatbot solutions are built to cater to the diverse needs of our enterprise-level clients in the banking and insurance industries

First-line support

With Tovie AI bots, your customers will always have a dedicated personal assistant taking care of their finance-related needs 24/7. The bots can answer common questions, educate customers about services, help compare plans and prices, assist with account setup, and guide customers through the onboarding process.

Debt collection

Clients who are in arrears may hesitate to openly discuss their debts with human agents. Talking to a virtual agent can make them feel less pressure and more willing to engage in discussions. Still, like humans, a debt collection bot is able to empathise with individual circumstances and use that context throughout the debt recovery lifecycle, leading to better recovery performance.

Upsell & cross-sell

Use conversational banking chatbot for promotional campaigns and increase business profits with no extra investment. Upgrade existing customers or offer them complementary products. Feed customer profile data to the bot so it can advise the most relevant option based on the user’s current plan, demographics, or request history.

Claim processing

An insurance chatbot can handle the entire claims and settlement process: from incident reporting to informing clients of the progress of their claims. This eliminates the need for policyholders to wait hours or days for claim validation and review, which can be a stressful experience.

Payment assistance

The bot can remind customers of upcoming payments and facilitate the payment process. With the help of a chatbot for banking, the customers can easily complete any financial transactions via text or voice in the messenger channels they favour.

Feedback collection

Your virtual banking assistant can be highly effective in collecting customer feedback, whether through a simple NPS survey or a detailed questionnaire. This is especially useful after the AI agent has handled a request or processed a claim, as it provides data to better train and improve its performance.

Tovie AI seamlessly connects to any CRM, communication channel or payment terminal

Providing seamless and personalised customer experience

Conversational AI for banking and insurance creates more efficient, accurate, and satisfying interaction experiences at each stage of the customer journey

  • Speech and intent recognition
  • Engaging conversations
  • Multilingual support
  • Omnichannel communication


Dedicated assistance

Provide your customers with the best possible options and advice, taking into account their profile data and communication history, no matter where that communication occurred.


Tailored offers

Customise marketing campaigns that resonate with users and create added value to your service. Promote at the right time through their preferred channels for better relevance and engagement.


Instant response

Deliver 24/7 contextual support and quick problem resolution to ensure that your customers can always get the help they need, no matter the time of day.


Easy banking

Make everyday banking simple for customers on the go. The virtual assistant helps users in a variety of banking activities such as balance inquiries, bill payments, and funds transfers.


What stands us apart?

Tovie Conversational AI ecosystem

We have our own complete stack of tools, which includes a powerful NLU engine, ASR and TTS technology. This enables us to work in total synergy while building bots with highly accurate performance, and to realise AI projects of all complexities.

No code development platform

The Tovie platform is designed with ease of use in mind, making it possible for anyone to create complex dialogue flows with minimal effort. A range of pre-built elements can be easily linked together to create a smooth dialogue script and design.

Scalable solutions

Rest assured that your Tovie-based solution will always meet your growing needs without any added hassle. You can start with a simple first-line support bot and then smoothly progress to a fully-fledged agent for complex tasks, such as processing insurance claims.

Secure deployment

Deploy your Tovie AI solutions on our cloud or on-premise. We support AWS, IBM FS and dedicated server deployments of your choice. With our architecture, you can be sure that your data is secure and access to it is controlled.

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Compliant & Validated for Security with IBM

Tovie AI announces partnering up with IBM Cloud.

We are the first vendor in the Conversational AI space to be validated by IBM Cloud for Financial Services. All our conversational solutions are now automatically compliant for FS organisations.

Investing in AI chatbot banking is paying dividends

Leading fintech companies streamline their services with Tovie AI and see proven results


Automation level


Increase in claims settlement


Increase in NPS score


Increase in customer retention rate

Case Study

BNP Paribas Cardif increases NPS after introducing Cardi, a voice bot by Tovie AI

BNP Paribas Cardif, the global insurance leader operating in 33 countries, hired Tovie AI for its call centre automation.

The Cardif's call centre had to work 14 hours a day, with agents spending most of their time answering repetitive questions. The main challenge was to provide timely assistance to customers experiencing loss events who needed urgent attention. The company decided to launch a virtual agent to automate insurance claims reporting and lighten the workload of human agents. The Cardi bot:

  • Streamlined claim processing with FCR 83%
  • Increased customer loyalty
  • Saved $9m+ in operational costs over two years

Companies that succeeded with Tovie products

What are your biggest customer service challenges today?

Tovie AI helps enterprises to digitalise customer experiences and make services more robust. Contact us for a chat about how we can help you.


What is conversational AI in banking?

How AI can be used in banking?

One of the most common applications of AI in banking is the use of conversational IVRs and self-service chatbots for automating first-line support. This reduces the need for repetitive work, such as answering common questions and provides customers with quick and convenient access to banking services.

What are the benefits of conversational AI in banking?

The primary benefits are improved employee productivity, reduced customer service costs, and streamlined operations, resulting in more satisfied customers. Everything mentioned can contribute to increased customer retention and revenue growth.

How to implement a banking AI chatbot?

You need to select a reliable AI-based chatbot service for financial industry that is designed to cater to the unique needs of financial institutions. It’s important to remember that due to customer data privacy regulations, the service provider must comply with the security standards in the financial sector such as through IBM Cloud validation.  Tovie AI is the only conversational AI platform validated by IBM and fully eligible to be deployed in an enterprise setting.

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