Insurance and Generative AI: Revolutionising Data Management Practices with Tovie AI Data Agent

July 02, 2024

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Dasha Fomin



The insurance industry is one of the most complex and data-driven ones. Managing client profiles, policy details, claims data, and regulatory documents can be overwhelming even to the most efficient teams. Businesses look for ways to transform data handling and enhance operational efficiency. The insurance industry is among the eager adopters of the generative AI innovation.


The global GenAI in insurance market size is expected to hit around USD 8,099.97 million by 2032. One of the breakthrough tools on the market is Data Agent, designed to meet the unique challenges of SMBs and enterprises within the insurance sector. Here, we’ll look into the practical applications of Tovie AI’s Data Agent, showcasing real-life examples for each use case.

Streamlining Data Management with AI

Data Agent leverages generative AI to streamline data search and management in the insurance industry, enhancing efficiency, security, and intuitive user engagement.

It enables businesses to deploy genAI-powered search bots customised to an organisation’s specific data. It marks a significant leap in how insurance companies interact with their voluminous datasets. Here are some real-life use cases that highlight its effectiveness across various facets of the insurance sector:

Real-Time, Contextual Information Access

In an environment where 74% of insurance executives believe that real-time data analytics is essential for improving customer experience, Data Agent offers personalised responses beyond conventional keyword searches, significantly enhancing the quality of client consultations.


An insurance agent quickly retrieves policy details during a call to address a client’s query about coverage limits, thus providing immediate, correct answers without having to sift through documents manually.

Simplified Data Discovery

With 74% of insurance firms identifying operational efficiency as a primary goal (McKinsey, 2021), Data Agent enables staff at all technical levels to quickly retrieve essential information, cutting down on time-consuming data retrieval tasks.


A claims processor effortlessly locates historical claims data across different databases to identify fraud patterns, significantly reducing the time spent on investigations.

Unified Data Sources

Given that the average insurance company deals with data from over five different sources daily, Data Agent’s ability to consolidate and enhance data searchability across an organisation streamlines workflows and information sharing.


Customer service teams access consolidated information from customer interactions, policy databases, and claim statuses in one interface, enabling them to provide holistic client support.

Enhanced Customer Service Experience

According to Salesforce, 88% of insurance customers demand more personalised interactions. Providing smarter, AI-powered search functionalities considerably boosts clients’ satisfaction and engagement.

An intelligent website search bot guiding potential customers through the insurance purchase process, dynamically adjusting suggestions based on the user’s input and questions, thus improving conversion rates.

Implementing Data Agent in Your Insurance Company

1. Identify Your Data Challenges

Start by pinpointing specific pain points. Over 75% of insurers use multiple core systems, and there is significant variation in vendors and operating environments between organisations. For instance, addressing the challenge of unstructured data in claims documents makes information retrieval labour-intensive.

2. Customise Your AI Bot

Take advantage of Data Agent’s intuitive, no-code setup to tailor your AI bot to your distinctive datasets, addressing your firm’s unique demands. For example, you can customise the AI bot to recognise specific insurance terminology and product names, thus ensuring accurate responses to employee and client queries.


3. Deploy and Integrate Seamlessly

Integrate your AI bot effortlessly with existing CRM systems and claims databases, leveraging Data Agent’s robust multilingual support and flexible sharing options.


4. Monitor and Optimise

Utilise Data Agent’s analytics to monitor bot interactions and user queries, continuously optimising its performance for improved outcomes—track bot interactions to identify common customer queries that can inform FAQs or identify areas for product improvement.


Equipped with leading-edge security measures, including restricted access controls and GDPR compliance protocols, Data Agent prioritises the protection of sensitive client and company data.


The Future is Now

AI is emerging as a preferred investment for insurers aiming to mitigate increasing cost pressures. Insurance leaders prioritise investments in data analytics, AI, and other digital technologies to meet their cost-saving goals within the next year or two. Additionally, two-thirds of claims executives report that their organisations plan to invest over $10 million in AI and machine learning within the next three years.


In an industry where instant access to accurate data is not just a luxury but a necessity, Tovie AI’s Data Agent represents the pinnacle of innovation. By facilitating instant access to accurate data, streamlining customer interactions, and enabling more efficient operational processes, Data Agent is setting new standards for productivity and customer satisfaction in the digital age.


With Data Agent, you can transform your data management and customer service approach and propel your insurance company into a new era of digital efficiency and engagement.


Embark on your transformative journey with Data Agent and redefine your approach to data management and customer engagement in the insurance sector.

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