AI Solutions for Government Digital Transformation

Transform your digital public services with AI. Offer effective multi-channel services to your citizens with our digital solutions for e-government


With rising public expectations, UK government bodies are driven to innovate and digitise their services


AI-driven voice and chatbots streamline operations and serve citizens within their preferred communication channels


Substantial cost savings, increased deflection rates, and improved e-government services

Explore the AI applications in the UK government services 

Contact Centre

Optimise multi-channel communication and manage high-volume enquiries with efficiency

Adult Social Care

Provide personalised services and support to senior citizens through their preferred channels

Family Services

Simplify processes to ensure the successful delivery of services for children and young people

Housing and Planning

Employ AI to streamline housing services, handle queries and provide accurate information on regulations and policies

Health, Wellbeing and Care

Efficiently handle routine enquiries about public health and social care integration and direct complex questions to service professionals

Automating Employee Workload

Automate routine tasks to free up staff for more challenging assignments, ultimately boosting team productivity

The benefits of AI in local government services

For citizens

  • 24/7 access to public services
  • Freedom to choose preferred communication channels including telephone, website, or live chat
  • Instant, relevant responses to queries without additional web research
  • Convenient appointment booking
  • Option to switch to human agents if required

For local government teams

  • Cost and time reduction via automation
  • Higher deflection rate and streamlined processes
  • Automation of high-volume queries and routine tasks
  • Reduced employee workload, leading to enhanced efficiency
  • Rapid responses based on organisation-specific data
  • Detailed analytics of request categories, operating hours, and call transfers to human agents
  • Automation of internal processes such as HR policies and vacancy queries

People expect government services to be as good as the best online experiences in the private sector. Rising to meet these expectations will require change on a scale that government has never undertaken before

Paul Willmott, Chair of UK Government Digital and Data Office

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Case Study

Richmond and Wandsworth Council Embrace AI Voice Solution

Richmond and Wandsworth Councils harnessed our AI voice solution to automate outbound call communication with residents.

In one scenario, the AI assistant reaches out to residents on waiting lists, providing updates on their application status and collecting information about their current circumstances.

In another, the AI engages with constituents, including vulnerable groups, who have received devices from the council. It learns about their experiences, helps troubleshoot problems, and communicates concerns to the council team via a central mailbox.

Tovie AI voice assistant utilises advanced speech recognition and Natural Language Understanding (NLU) technologies to interact naturally and clearly with residents.

Voice technology enables direct communication with specific citizen groups via phone calls, their preferred mode.

How AI enhances digital transformation in public services


hours a year AI could save in administrative work for GPs and teachers

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the UK’s GDP growth in 2030 from the development and adoption of AI

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of large companies in the UK use or plan AI adoption

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the number of identified AI use cases
in public services

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