Tovie AI Code of Ethics

Tovie AI code of ethics is a set of guiding principles intended to promote ethical considerations, responsible development and use of AI systems while protecting individual privacy and dignity

Conversational AI has established itself as a significant mainstream business application, it has become business-ready. Thousands of successful deployments over the past few years demonstrated that conversational AI delivers 24/7 service, as well as a positive financial ROI.

Conversational AI is a powerful tool and there are risks associated with the misuse of this technology. As a conversational AI vendor that offers ChatGPT within its solutions, we know full well that technology’s sudden popularity is accelerating the conversation around the need for ethical considerations in the development and deployment of AI.

And as we have standards on everything, Conversational AI is no exception. When developing products and solutions, the Tovie AI team goes through a checklist to ensure that questions of transparency, privacy, responsibility, compliance, fairness, and sustainability are covered.

Our set of guiding principles

for the development, deployment, and use of Conversational AI:


Users of conversational Al systems have the right to understand how their data is being used and how any conversational Al system is making decisions.


Conversational AI systems must provide usefulness to users based on publicly-stated guidelines and ensure that user information is not exploited beyond its intended purpose.


The process of developing conversational AI systems and their consequences falls under the accountability of companies and executives involved in their creation. As a company, it is our responsibility to analyse the ethical and moral implications of our customers' use of technology and take appropriate measures to address them.


Conversational Al systems should not merely align with an abstract sense of morality and ethics, but should also comply in absolute terms with current laws and regulations.


The design of conversational AI systems should aim to be inclusive and adequately equipped to cater to underrepresented populations as effectively as they serve overrepresented ones.


Conversational Al systems, whether in ongoing functionality or in their development, should not compromise economic, social, or environmental sustainability.

While we see the promise in what AI has brought us,

we also recognize the importance of placing intentional guardrails around AI advancements to optimise them for our clients, their customers and humanity as a whole.

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