Automate customer journey and operations with an AI-powered Hospitality Assistant Solution

Conversational chat & voice bots help travel and hospitality companies become more customer-centric and increase direct sales


81% of travellers think that brands should provide personalised experiences


Hospitality Assistant helps website visitors get services tailored to their needs


More bookings, lower costs, and higher customer satisfaction rates

Generate more bookings, cut costs and improve hotel guest experience with Conversational AI

Automate front desk

Hospitality chatbots can act as first-line support and handle thousands of inquiries a day, so that front desk staff can focus on more complex matters

Offer omnichannel support

Virtual agents can immediately respond to customer queries across a variety of apps and messengers

Eliminate language barriers

Multilingual virtual assistants are designed to speak several different languages and can help you translate for your guests, minimising the risks of miscommunication

Enable 1-click payments

Use virtual assistants to take your customer experience to the next level with a 1-click bill pay feature and make online payments convenient and hassle-free

Simplify the check-in process

With hospitality chatbots, you can enable self-service, allowing people to check-in digitally and just pick up the keys

Streamline booking system

Conversational chatbots can easily take on the role of a travel agent. When a customer texts their stay dates and destination, the hospitality bot searches for options and proposes the best ones via the interaction channel of choice

Share local knowledge

Virtual hospitality assistants can offer personalised suggestions and recommendations in the local area, based on the guests’ preferences and interests

Digitise concierge service

AI-powered chatbots can handle all kinds of guest requests: calling a cab, airport pickups, towel requests, wake-up calls - you name it


of travel and hospitality companies use cognitive technology


in value AI will potentially create for travel industry


users prefer planning a trip via chatbot


of travellers prefer to be notified via messaging

Conversational AI helps businesses adapt to the post-pandemic reality

The travel and hospitality industry was hit hard by the Covid-19 pandemic as they were dropping booking and occupancy rates, dwindling resources and fewer staff members

AI-assistants can automate many specific post-pandemic tasks:

Covid regulation policies

Smart chatbots can timely communicate ever-changing regulation policies and answer Covid-related queries

Last minute cancellation

As nothing is certain in the post-pandemic world, hospitality assistants are available 24/7 to make changes to a booking

Emergency button

In critical and emergency situations, virtual assistants become customer care channels and portals for urgent help


When in-person communication is limited, hospitality assistants empower self-service

Technologies that make the virtual assistant stand out

  • Built-in NLU core for natural language understanding
  • ASR (Automatic speech recognition)/TTS (Text-to-Speech) technology)
  • Prebuilt user behavior patterns
  • API connectivity

Reduce costs with the AI-powered Hospitality Assistant

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