How Jardim Exótico reduced average response time by 50%





Jardim Exótico is currently the largest online sales portal for plants and natural items in Brazil. This retail company specializes in the sale of fruit tree seedlings, medicinal, ornamental, exotic plants, flowers from all over the world


More than 700,000 potential customers visit the Jardim Exótico website every month. Customer service ran smoothly during business hours, however, people had questions about products even after hours and on weekends. Due to the fact that Brazil has 4 time zones, some customers were left without answers to simple FAQs.

The average weekend traffic soon became an issue for Jardim Exótico. It turned out that over 3,500 potential customers couldn’t reach them during the weekends. This resulted in a huge pile of unanswered inquiries, and incomplete potential orders.

Jardim Exótico needed to find a better way to communicate with its customers for a greater shopping experience.


The main goals were to facilitate the online service, avoid frequent messages, and meet the high requests demand on weekends

Automate the process of handling FAQs

Be in touch 24/7

Reduce average waiting time


Jardim Exótico decided to tackle the issue by launching an FAQ chatbot on its website

The company also connected its CRM system directly to the chatbot to make it more convenient for the customer support to identify customers.

  • The implementation of the chatbot was divided into three simple steps:
  • 1Installation of the chatbot
  • 2Determining the top questions that the chatbot will answer
  • 3Implementation of the chatbot on the website through integration with Jivochat

Today, the chatbot is indispensable for customer service and is very useful for data analysis in the team

Jardim Exótico is planning to further improve the chatbot to guarantee even more practical and complete service, solving all customer-related issues



Decrease in the average response time

by 50%

Drop in the number of unanswered requests

Tovie AI makes a difference for retailers in e-commerce. Our chatbot is efficient, easy to handle, and provides a part of the service, ensuring that the customer does not leave a home page with doubts.

Camila Balegre

Founder of Jardim Exótico

Thanks to the chatbot, Jardim Exótico was able to manyfold improve its customer service!

The number of unanswered FAQs has significantly dropped and now all customers are served 24/7/365

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