Digitalise physical shopping experience with Shop Assistant

Enhance customer self-service in stores
with AI-powered chat & voice bots


Customers seek advice when shopping in physical stores, but the staff are not always available


Offer chatbots and voice bots that answer FAQs, increase sales, and give advice like a human agent


Real-time customer assistance, reduced costs, boosted sales, and increased customer satisfaction

Shop Assistant helps customers navigate the retailer app and place orders faster with their voice

  • The Assistant is specifically trained around individual product features and can be scaled to thousands of unique items
  • Physical retail experiences enhanced by the power of in-store digital self-discovery and self-service
  • Consumer engagement driven by NFC and QR codes

What can a Shop Assistant do?


The Assistant answers frequently asked questions, making it easier for customers to get necessary product information

What can a Shop Assistant do?


The Assistant offers customers the latest and greatest versions of their desired products, thus enhancing satisfaction

What can a Shop Assistant do?


The Assistant suggests attractive bundle deals or complementary products, increasing customer awareness of offerings

What can a Shop Assistant do?

Social Proof

The Assistant displays testimonials and product ratings from satisfied customers, creating a sense of trust and influencing the purchase decision

Minimize staff contact with customers during the COVID-19 pandemic

COVID-19 accelerated the importance of contactless action, which is hard to avoid in retail stores. AI-powered Shop Assistants are the perfect substitute for live consultations, protecting both your staff and your customers

65% of retail customers admit they prefer using chatbots to ask questions

Technologies that make the Shop Assistant stand out

  • Built-in NLU core for natural language understanding
  • ASR/TTS technology (Automatic speech recognition/ Text‑to‑Speech)
  • Prebuilt user behavior patterns
  • API connectivity

Optimized for retailers with physical stores and complex products


Attract more customers. Everybody wants to get information in real-time without waiting for staff


AI-powered Shop Assistant uses NLP so it is able to understand customers and to answer questions in a friendly way


Reduce long-term operational costs such as staff spendings, onboarding, and more


Scale staff product expertise to thousands of customers concurrently


of consumers want real-time assistance


voice and chat technologies will bring by 2025


of interactions are handled by virtual assistants


of executives have already invested in chatbot technology

Ready to transform your retail business with Tovie AI?


What is a shop assistant?

A digital shop assistant is an AI-powered chat or voice bot that helps shoppers navigate the store and place orders. The solution blends digital technology with the offline retail experience, allowing customers to have a seamless shopping journey within the physical store environment.

What does shop assistant do?

A digital assistant provides real-time customer assistance. Being trained around the store’s products and their unique features, it is capable of performing a range of tasks, including answering FAQs, giving personalised shopping advice and product recommendations, and checking product availability. The assistant offers convenience and helps shoppers make a buying decision, for example, by showing product ratings and reviews left by other buyers.

Online store owners can also apply a digital shop assistant powered by conversational AI to boost sales campaigns and grow additional revenue. That, for example, can include upselling and cross-selling, where an assistant can intelligently recommend complementary products or upgrades based on a customer’s current selections or purchase history. Or for driving promotional campaigns and offers where digital shop assistants can proactively inform customers about ongoing promotions, discounts, or special offers. It can offer coupon codes, loyalty program details, or exclusive deals. That results in raising customer engagement and growing sales.

Read about the top popular use cases for using a digital shop assistant, covered in our dedicated blog post.

How is AI changing shopping?

Overall, AI is enhancing convenience, efficiency, and personalisation in the shopping process. AI-powered virtual assistants transform the way customers shop by boosting their engagement and helping make a purchase decision, leading to an improved customer shopping experience and higher revenue for store owners.

What are the benefits of a shop assistant?

By leveraging AI chatbots, retailers can offer personalised, interactive assistance, transforming mere browsers into actual buyers. These virtual aides facilitate additional sales through smart suggestions and significantly reduce staffing expenses. They foster enduring customer loyalty, ensuring that shoppers feel valued and heard through immediate response times and efficient feedback collection. With an impressive potential to boost conversion rates, studies highlight a 5-25% improvement in business metrics, affirming that swift query processing and enhanced staff productivity are just the beginning of their benefits. A seamless integration with physical retail, these assistants promise a future of more innovative and interactive shopping experiences.

How to create a digital shop assistant for a physical store?

To create a digital shop assistant, you first need to choose a solution provider experienced in developing conversational AI for retail. The entire process of an AI assistant implementation comes down to these key steps: defining use cases, developing a bot and a user-friendly interface, training the bot on the store’s product information and integrating it with the store systems.

Unlike other AI solution providers, Tovie AI owns its own ecosystem of AI tools for building bots, including the NLU engine. With the support of 30+ readily available integrations, Tovie AI assistants seamlessly connect to the retail platforms and business systems you are currently using.

What features should a virtual assistant solution have?

For a digital shop assistant solution to function effectively, it should have features such as natural language processing, contextual awareness, multilingual support, system integration, task automation, personalisation, voice recognition, omnichannel support, analytics, scalability, and security. By having these features, the solution can provide personalised and seamless interactions for users while handling tasks efficiently. That will result in cost-saving benefits.

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