Lower contact centre costs with AI Voice Bots and Smart IVR

Automate inbound and outbound calls to take the load off human agents and dramatically reduce wait time


There are times when contact centre staff cannot cope with the workload: peak times, after-hours calls, and seasonal call campaigns. Customers cannot get through which results in frustration and churn


AI-powered voice bots answer multiple calls 24/7, hundreds of simultaneous outbound calls, take phone calls outside business hours and take a load of routine questions off human agents


Higher first-call resolution rate, reduced costs, lower wait time, and increased customer satisfaction

Conversational AI voice bots are not robocalls

Unlike robocalls AI voice bots:

Handle objections and communicate like human agents

Learn from actual client conversations and become more intelligent

Make and receive over 1,000 calls on a daily basis

Maintain and raise SL even during peak seasons

Run any scripts, from surveys to sales

Get rid of call queueing

Help agents work more efficiently

Influence the growth of NPS loyalty

AI-powered voice bots suit contact centres with any operation volumes: from giants comprising 10,000+ agents to operations with 1-2 staffers answering just a couple of customer inquiries. Pick the case that is right for you


time-saving and productivity growth


the bot handles most of the recurring inquiries


simultaneous dialled calls


average conversion per service order

Inbound calls automation

Personal assistance

  • Schedules appointments
  • Bookings, tickets, orders, etc.
  • Rebookings and cancellations
  • Transfering calls to agents

AI-powered Smart IVR

  • Automates call routing by topic and department
  • Researches the knowledge base to find answers to problems
  • Clears up any confusion

Сomplaints and filling out applications

  • Identifies the problem
  • Records the necessary data
  • Organises requests in CRM
  • Notifies agents via email

First-line support

  • Recognises issues during a conversation
  • Resolves common problems
  • Assigns complex tasks to agents
  • Integrates with customer service software like Zendesk

Outbound calls automation

Upsales and promotions

  • Provides brief information
  • Shares promo codes
  • Stores responses in CRM
  • Encourages orders and purchases

Feedback collection

  • Runs a complex script with multiple answers
  • Calls back for clarification if needed
  • Logs data to database

Presale and telemarketing

  • Talks like a human agent and asks questions
  • Answers FAQs
  • Handles objections
  • Saves results in CRM

Reminders of all kinds

  • Informs customers about order status
  • Adds variable data to the script
  • Logs customers’ decisions
  • Changes time and delivery dates when asked

Smart IVR outbound call automation:

undestands natural language, offers human-like assistance, efficiently resolves customer queries

Regular IVR Systems

  • Helps attribute inbound calls with IVR menu
  • Identifies customers and calls them by name
  • Can handle up to 1000+ simultaneous calls
  • Transfers calls to available agents, and asks to hold on the line during peak times

Smart IVR by Tovie AI

  • Actually resolves customer queries, rather than simply transfers calls to agents
  • Can speak in different voices and with different intonations
  • Communicates in a natural language which makes navigation effortless for customers
  • Understands several languages and seamlessly switches between them
  • Can come with a custom branded avatar
  • Expresses empathy, jokes and even gently interrupts when necessary

Menu based IVR

Conversational IVR

Call recordings

Bot successfully handles customer objections


Bot persuades the customer to try new service


Bot informs the customer about a new service option available


These are real-life examples, we do not disclose brand and product names for privacy reasons

Technologies that make Tovie AI voice bots stand out

  • Built-in NLU core for natural language understanding
  • ASR (Automatic speech recognition) / TTS (Text-to-Speech) technology
  • Prebuilt user behaviour patterns
  • API connectivity

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