Tovie AI Introduces Data Agent: Your AI-Powered Companion for Data Search in Natural Language

March 25, 2024

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Alexandra Khomenok

Data search


Data Agent is our newest solution that allows companies to deploy AI data search bots to fully utilise the capabilities of Generative AI within their datasets. This cutting-edge tool is designed to benefit both large enterprises and small-to-medium-sized businesses (SMBs) with extensive data volumes, be it knowledge bases, internal wikis, product documentation or any other data sources.


With this solution, enterprises and SMBs handling extensive data volumes can deploy their own Generative AI search bot, similar to ChatGPT, but tailored to their company’s data. This bot generates factual and contextual answers based on your dataset and knowledge bases and can answer practical employee and client questions in natural language.


Data Agent’s use cases span from complex document processing to smart website search bots across various industries. Its core strengths are natural language communication and accurate and precise responses to user inquiries.


Data Agent integrates with all data types and sources, including internal wikis, CRMs, and domain-specific web content.  


Data Agent’s straightforward, no-code setup process, multilingual support, and flexible sharing capabilities make it an exceptionally user-friendly and potent tool. 


Our product empowers companies to fully harness the potential of Large Language Models (LLMs) for their customers and employees.

8 out of 10 business leaders emphasise the importance of data in their decision-making processes. Yet, 41% face a lack of understanding of data challenges due to its complexity or inaccessibility.

According to the Salesforce research

Main benefits: How Data Agent can transform your business 

  • Generate personalised, contextually accurate responses that go beyond simple keyword matches
  • Get real-time data access for improved decision-making
  • Solve common data retrieval challenges within the organisation, such as handling unstructured data and diverse file formats within the organisation
  • Consolidate your data sources and enhance data search across the organisation 
  • Democratise data, enabling employees to access information without relying on technical expertise, saving time and effort 
  • Enhance data search experiences for customers 
  • Streamline integration with various data sources effortlessly, without the need for coding


What to look for: Key features of Data Agent

1. Generative AI that knows your data 

  • Evolution from keyword search to dynamic AI- and ML-powered question-answering
  • A document/website search bot for quick and easy access to information and relevant responses 
  • Customising and training on your specific data sets
  • Restrictive context outputs, enhanced by NLP and NLU engines
  • Natural language search across different data types and sources 


    2. Supports multiple data sources and formats 

    • Internal wikis, intranets, data lakes or data warehouses
    • Product documentation, training resources, HR policies, legal papers
    • Domain-specific web content  
    • Call records, meeting notes, customer feedback
    • CRMs, PDFs, DocX, MP3 audio files, etc.  


    3. Secure and reliable 

    • Comprehensive security measures to protect your data assets
    • Restricted access for approved employees, ensuring controlled search and retrieval of confidential information
    • Sensitive data masking 
    • Availability of on-premise LLM deployment to adhere strictly to GDPR regulations


    4. Easy to implement and customise 

    • Fast and easy no-code deployment process 
    • Multilingual (major European and Asian languages) 
    • Integration across multiple channels: website/app widget, API, Slack, Teams 
    • Customisable with additional data models and rulesets such as Claude Anthropic, Google PaLM, GPT-3.5, GPT-3.5 Turbo, GPT-4, and LLaMA, among others.
    • Applicable in different industries and use cases: legal, finances, healthcare, HR, etc. 
    • Insightful analytics to monitor bot interactions and user search queries


    Get better corporate data search results with Data Agent

    McKinsey’s studies suggest that the strategic application of generative AI and similar technologies has the potential to automate as much as 70% of the tasks currently consuming employee hours. Such a shift could significantly boost productivity, potentially increasing annual efficiency by 3.3%.


    Interested in a better data search for your company? Contact our team to learn about Data Agent. This tool provides precise and relevant search results through AI, helping to save time for your staff and customers and increase productivity.

    Interested in a better data search for your company?

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