Generative AI and On-Premise LLMs for Enterprise

  • Utilise a foundation language model for a variety of tasks
  • Gain complete control over how AI handles your proprietary data
  • Ensure compliance with PII, GDPR, and other policies

Large language models of the new generation are highly flexible and versatile in AI applications. They greatly simplify data querying, allowing for faster access to information, which can improve decision-making.
However, can LLMs be used safely in an enterprise setting while protecting digital privacy?

Yes. By deploying LLMs on-premises in your private cloud, you can leverage the incredible power they provide and keep full control over how your data is handled, stored, and managed.

We help organisations unlock the full potential of LLMs while ensuring they are used securely and responsibly

Chat with your data

Easily build a document search bot with the comparable quality of Open AI to generate deep, factual, contextual answers based on your company data

Quick and easy access to information with search across documents for all authorised staff

Correct and relevant responses fine-tuned with restrictive context querying rules provided by stakeholders

Perfect for enterprises with a massive amount of information in various formats


Search for specific information in cases, analyse and review contracts, statements and filings


Identify key information, clauses, and potential risks for improving financial performance


Extract data from medical records to make informed decisions and provide a better patient care

General HR

Screen applications and resumes for certain criteria and narrow down the pool of applicants


Improve assessment and make evaluation more accurate while analysing student work


Save time and effort on checking a ton of documentation to troubleshoot a tech issue

Facilitate natural language search across all data types and sources

  • Knowledge base, product documentations, internal wikis
  • Domain-specific web content
  • Conversations, meeting notes, feedback from customers
  • CRMs, PDFs, DocX

«Employees spend 1.8 hours a day/9.3 per week searching for relevant information»

McKinsey report

Employee productivity depends on how quickly they can find answers and required information. However, they often experience friction when interacting with company resources.

ChatGPT for company-specific data enables workers to access and search data quickly and efficiently, enhancing their overall performance and allowing them to focus on high-value activities.

Scale employee expertise

Boost productivity

Promote transparency and accountability

Tovie AI seamlessly integrates with existing systems

More applications of generative language models

Personalised training for successful employee onboarding and development

Routine and time-consuming tasks automation for performance increase

Chatbot-style recruitment interviews and screening for more efficient hiring

Sentiment data analysis and monitoring for better decision making

Have a specific LLM project in mind?

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More than an LLM provider

Smart pre-search paired with restrictive context querying allows Tovie AI to create language models with added long-term memory and controlled output for better efficiency and reliability.

Output control

Make the behaviour of your language model more predictable and avoid liability issues by restricting its context output

Long-term memory

Overcome the GPT character limitations and feed as much info as possible into the model to generate meaningful responses

GPT language models deployed by Tovie AI

Harness the power of natural language processing in a controlled domain-limited setting

Fast deployment

One of our key strengths is fast deployment. We have invested heavily in developing a wide range of tools and technologies that enable us to deploy LLMs on-premise quickly, efficiently, and effectively. Our unique ecosystem of tool stack now helps us to streamline the deployment process and deliver fast results.


With a broad range of language support (30+ and counting), you can conduct comprehensive searches across a vast array of documents in different languages. Whether it's legal documents, academic papers, or tech manuals, our bots will help you find answers quickly and easily, saving you time and effort.

Privacy guaranteed

Certified by IBM Cloud for Financial Services, Tovie-powered language models offer enterprise-grade privacy and security for your proprietary data. Our solutions prioritise the protection of sensitive information and ensure compliance with PII, GDPR, and internal policies.

Fully offline

We deploy LLMs that operate offline to process data without the need for internet transmission, while still maintaining a quality level of 90% compared to chatGPT. Your sensitive data is kept within the organisation's internal network, avoiding the risk of data breaches or leaks.

Reliable performance

Advanced pre-search and restrictive context querying allow us to fine-tune the chatGPT-based model output and ensure all-time appropriate and high-quality responses. Whether you are searching for answers to complex tech questions or simply looking for basic information on company policies, it will always give contextually correct answers.


Tovie's advanced algorithms for automatic scenarios generation and end-to-end solutions allow for using less resources for a successful launch. This saves you time, and money that can be better invested in other areas of your business.







Compliant & Validated for Security with IBM

Tovie AI announces partnering up with IBM Cloud.

We are the first vendor in the Conversational AI space to be validated by IBM Cloud for Financial Services. Tovie AI-powered conversational solutions are now automatically compliant for FS organisations.

LLM is a core strategic asset of a company

With Tovie AI, you can augment human intelligence with no risks associated with using open-source language models.

Our goal is to bring the power of language models to every enterprise in a safe controlled environment.

Ready to host a powerful LLM in your infrastructure?


How do large language models work?

How to Use Large Language Models in the Enterprise?

By leveraging the capabilities of large language models, enterprises can streamline their operations and improve their overall efficiency.


Among the top applications of LLMs in the Enterprise are document search chatbot, personalised employee training, routine automation, and data analysis.

How to implement LLM for business?

To implement LLM for your company, you need to find a reliable provider that specialises in developing generative AI solutions for enterprise settings. It is important to consider factors such as on-premise deployment, language support, and security.


Tovie AI has been certified with IBM Cloud and adheres to the strictest security standards in the financial sector. Currently supporting over 30 languages, Tovie AI is a versatile solution that can effectively assist a diverse range of company employees and customers.

What are three ways to tailor foundation language models like GPT for your business?

To tailor foundation language models like GPT for your business, there are three main techniques:

  • Domain-Specific Training Data: training the model on data specific to your industry or business
  • Fine-Tuning: training the model on a smaller dataset that is specific to your use case
  • Customisation: modifying the model architecture, adding additional training data, or adjusting the model's hyperparameters


By using these techniques, businesses can customise GPT to improve the accuracy and relevance of the model's predictions for their specific needs.

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