Digitalise physical shopping experience with Shop Assistant

Enhance customer self-service in stores
with AI-powered chat & voice bots


Customers seek advice when shopping in physical stores, but the staff are not always available


Offer chatbots and voice bots that answer FAQs, increase sales, and give advice like a human agent


Real-time customer assistance, reduced costs, boosted sales, and increased customer satisfaction

Shop Assistant helps customers navigate the retailer app and place orders faster with their voice

  • The Assistant is specifically trained around individual features and scaled to thousands of unique products
  • Physical retail experiences enhanced by the power of in-store digital self-discovery and self-service
  • Consumer engagement driven by NFC and QR codes

What can a Shop Assistant do?


Let the Shop Assistant answer frequently asked questions about product specifications in a more convenient way

What can a Shop Assistant do?


Connect into the stock system, so the Shop Assistant can offer customers a more advanced version of the products they want

What can a Shop Assistant do?


Once the Shop Assistant has successfully given advice, it generates additional products for the specific needs of a customer outlined in the chat

What can a Shop Assistant do?

Social Proof

Associates rarely can influence purchase decision speed, wasting time on reluctant buyers. The Shop Assistant will help customers make a decision

Minimize staff contact with customers during the COVID-19 pandemic

COVID-19 accelerated the importance of contactless action, which is hard to avoid in retail stores. AI-powered Shop Assistants are the perfect substitute for live consultations, protecting both your staff and your customers

65% of retail customers admit they prefer using chatbots to ask questions

Technologies that make the Shop Assistant stand out

  • Built-in NLU core for natural language understanding
  • ASR/TTS technology (Automatic speech recognition/ Text‑to‑Speech)
  • Prebuilt user behavior patterns
  • API connectivity

Optimized for retailers with physical stores and complex products


Attract more customers. Everybody wants to get information in real-time without waiting for staff


AI-powered Shop Assistant uses NLP so it is able to understand customers and to answer questions in a friendly way


Reduce long-term operational costs such as staff spendings, onboarding, and more


Scale staff product expertise to thousands of customers concurrently


of consumers want real-time assistance


voice and chat technologies will bring by 2025


of interactions are handled by virtual assistants


of executives have already invested in chatbot technology

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