Tovie AI Unveils Innovative B2B2C AI Solution for Mobile Operators and Their Subscribers at MWC 2023

February 22, 2023

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Dasha Fomin

MWC 2023 Tovie AI


Tovie AI is set to introduce its new AI-powered ChatGPT-integrated solution of its Mobile Virtual Assistant at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The Assistant handles mobile subscriber calls, protects against spam and replaces outdated voicemail tech. Visitors are invited to demo this new product at the Tovie AI booth, located in Upper Walkway stand 8.1 UP4 at MWC.


The cutting-edge solution is targeted at mobile operators and helps them to create added value for their subscribers, increase Net Promoter Score (NPS) and boost revenue from value-added services. It is ideal for differentiating 5G service packages but also works on 3G-4G networks. Operators in China have already appreciated and are actively using such technology. Tovie AI’s further development of this solution introduces visual image of the assistant, a 3D avatar capable of talking to the subscriber on 5G networks, creating the illusion of talking to a real assistant.

Joshua Kaiser, CEO of Tovie AI stated:

“We are excited to unveil the Tovie Personal Assistant at MWC. The Tovie AI’s mobile assistant is a game changer for mobile operators as it opens the door to new features and also monetisation opportunities. Growth of revenue comes from paid subscriptions to premium virtual assistants, which can also be famous characters or celebrities too.“


“Tovie AI’s monetisation strategy offers a revenue share from paid subscriptions and from interconnection fees. By implementing the Tovie AI Virtual Assistant at scale it gives the operator additional revenue potential, which based on a sample of 1 million subscribers equates up to $4.3+ million per year including an additional $720 000 revenue from interconnection fee.”

Next generation voicemail enabled through AI

The mobile personal assistant is an ideal replacement for outdated voicemail tech, the solution was developed by Tovie Mobile, the Finnish subsidiary of Tovie AI. These days, few people leave messages and those that are left are rarely listened to afterwards. Visual voicemail solutions solve this problem only partially. As a result, the average time a subscriber communicates with a voicemail is rarely more than eight seconds. Voicemail is already becoming an outdated technology, which shows that a solution based on an intelligent assistant raises the duration of incoming calls to 16-20 seconds.


This next generation solution is a customisable virtual assistant that is enabled for each subscriber. It answers incoming calls and builds up a meaningful conversation with each caller. Each virtual assistant’s character has its own unique traits and image, together with style of dialogue and emotionally charged synthesised voice. The Tovie Mobile Personal Assistant acts naturally, making callers feel as though they are interacting with a real person. Its tasks include clarifying the purpose of the call and scheduling a meeting or time for a call-back. This task automation helps subscribers avoid missing important calls by providing a summary of what was said, whilst providing a detailed transcript to the messenger if needed. It also protects them from spam and fraud, identifying spam by both the number and the semantic meaning of the dialogue.


These features are clearly welcomed with the rise in phone scams, which according to the European State of The Call Report 2022 have increased in volume. In 2021, people received an average of 14 spam and fraud calls each month, which resulted in serious financial losses and distress.


Tovie AI integration with ChatGPT

The development team at Tovie AI has its ear to the ground in terms of consumer trends and solutions, adding value to both the service offering for the end consumer and the business models of its channel partners. Microsoft’s recent announcement and ongoing investment in ChatGPT havehas ignited interest and demand for personalised experiences in the market.


The Tovie Personal Assistant’s intelligence is powered by Tovie’s own NLU platform that enables it to determine the meaning of what is said and flexibly manage the script of the dialogue, while the LLM ChatGPT from OpenAI, operates in experimental mode, within the solution, providing the end user with a summary of the conversation. The Tovie AI Emotional Speech Synthesis platform adds intonations to the Assistant’s voice and gives the opportunity to create custom voices, e.g. celebrities or the branded voice of the Mobile Operator. Today, over 1 million people use the solution and the figures are impressive. the NPS of the operator’s services, in general, significantly increases. The subscribers then feel positively towards the new product as they perceive it as their own personal assistant, significantly saving their time.


On-premise and cloud-based integration

The Tovie Mobile Virtual Assistant can be implemented simultaneously on-premise and in the cloud, and does not require any capital costs. The proposition is based on a revenue-sharing model, creating an additional revenue stream for the operator, which makes the cooperation truly mutually beneficial. For example, three operators that are partners of Tovie Mobile are already planning to replace the traditional voicemail system with this solution completely.


You can see the Tovie Mobile Personal Assistant solution at the Tovie AI booth at MWC from February 27 to March 2, 2023 at Upper Walkway Stand 8.1UP.4

Tovie Mobile Personal Assistant (PA)Key Features Mobile PA Showcase Video

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