Generate new revenue stream with Mobile Personal Assistant

Provide personalised service and protect your subscribers from robocalls


Mobile users are tired of constant robocalls, but they do not want to miss an important call


An AI-powered PA accepts incoming calls and sends the text transcript of the dialogue to a preferred messenger or mobile app


Increased customer loyalty, extended call duration and interconnect growth, high NPS scores

Improve your customer experience, increase client satisfaction and get extra revenue

What can a Mobile PA from Tovie AI do?

Protects from robocalls

The mobile assistant will accept incoming calls, protect from scammers and ask for the reason for calling when subscribers are reluctant or too busy to talk. Peace of mind has the strongest impact on customer satisfaction and loyalty, so let them have it

Picks up the phone when subscriber is busy

The assistant recognizes the intent of the call and keeps the conversation within the context. It can turn a scammer down, confirm a haircut appointment, talk to a deliveryman and get all the details. The subscriber will then get an audio file and a text transcript of the dialogue in a preferred messenger or mobile app

Takes a call when subscriber is offline

Subscribers can set up a custom script, using their own answer options. They can enter the name and a reason they are not picking up the phone, and the mobile assistant will use it once it receives the call

Extends incoming call duration

Spammers engage in a dialogue with the Mobile Assistant assuming that they are talking to a human. This results in an extended call duration and interconnection revenue growth


Inbound/Outbound calls




Facebook Messenger

Meet Mary, the Mobile PA

  • Thoughtful, diligent, and caring assistant

Mary is one of a number of assistants available for mobile subscribers. She will engage in a conversation if the user is busy, unavailable, or doesn’t want to pick up calls from an unknown caller

Mary has limited features, but is free to install

Wowable tech

Monetization opportunity

Alternative to boring voicemail

Cutting-edge technology

Provide personalised service for your subscribers

Voices and characters for fun greeting tones

Choose among realistically diverse characters. Each has its own speech synthesis model, proper character, and communication style

A wide range of dialogue scenarios

Rest assured that existing dialogues are being updated and the new ones are being constantly added

Celebrity voice feature

Make money by selling famous voices and popular fiction characters

Branded Mobile operator app

Encourage continued use, increase user growth and retention rates with a text transcript sent to a mobile operator's app


  • A human-like conversation
  • Both pre-recorded and synthesized speech
  • Text and audio transcripts to mobile app or messengers
  • Built-in NLU core for natural language understanding
  • ASR/TTS (Automatic speech recognition/Text-to-Speech technology)
  • Prebuilt user behavior patterns


of all inbound cell phone calls are robocalls or spam


of all consumers complaints to the FCC are about robocalls


minutes spammers wasted in 2020

Protect your customers against spammers and cement your title as the most advanced telecom operator

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