Achieve a higher FСR rate and boost loyalty with Conversational AI

Automate your call centre interactions, reduce service costs, and create meaningful experiences for both your customers and team

Voice AI – the next step on your contact centre digitalisation journey

90% of customers globally consider timely issue resolution the top priority in brand experience

Customers are 4X more likely to buy from a competitor if they have a problem related to service rather than price or product

Today’s customers expect their queries to be resolved in real-time. Keeping your call centre FCR rate high is key to ensuring customer satisfaction. By offering customer service with an Intelligent Virtual Assistant, you can provide the maximum convenience to customers, taking your business up a notch higher every time a query is successfully resolved.

Benefits of call centre automation with Tovie conversational AI solutions

24/7/365 call service

Support queries after business hours are no longer a problem. With Tovie-powered virtual assistants, you can now deliver round-the-clock support - your customers will get their questions answered and requests completed at any time!

Personalised assistance

Voice bots can resolve up to 70% of your customers’ issues and questions during their first interaction. They understand caller intent and engage in personalised conversations using real-time customer information from your CRM system giving immediate and relevant responses.

Increased employee satisfaction

Tovie virtual assistants handle routine queries from customers giving live agents the opportunity to take more calls with complex queries. Employees are no longer at risk of “burnout” doing time-consuming mundane tasks, and their efficiency is increased.

Multilingual support

Provide customers the option to speak with you in the language they are most comfortable with to express their concerns better. Tovie AI supports 20+ languages to help you best serve your international customers making them feel more valued.

Omnichannel customer engagement

Expand your channels supporting your customers where they prefer. Tovie implementation allows for seamless switching between customer care channels, helping you deliver a consistent and uninterrupted brand experience.

Reduced service costs

Automation takes some of the manual tasks off your agents, lowering operational costs while maintaining the same level of service. IVRs are effective at diverting conversations from human agents which also translates to considerable cost savings in employing and training of additional human agents.

Transforming the call centre customer experience

Tovie AI was built to meet the growing needs of enterprise call centres and provide digital support to customers at each stage of the customer journey

Our voice bots make all interactions as natural as possible and sound like human

  • Accurately recognise caller intent
  • Give contextualised, relevant answers
  • Easily adapt to interruptions
  • Express empathy, care, and commitment


Minimise customer waiting time

Reducing call centre wait times is fundamental to improving customer experience. A virtual agent allows customers to avoid the frustration of waiting on hold or hearing “all of our agents are currently busy”.



Provide quality service

An intelligent VR system can handle up to 95% of customer requests and process them with high personalisation and efficiency. Callers don’t need to provide details again, customer identification occurs in real-time.



Empower quick resolution

An AI-powered assistant answers calls and deals with customer questions and concerns immediately. No switching between lines, solutions are offered instantly.



Smooth experiences and boost loyalty

The tone of an AI-powered agent is always appropriate for a happening conversation and ensures that any challenging situation is handled with ease. This results in increased customer satisfaction and strengthened relationships.


What makes us stand out?

Tovie Conversational AI ecosystem

Unlike other IVR developers, we have our own comprehensive ecosystem of tools, including a powerful NLU engine, ASR and TTS technology. This allows us to work in total synergy while developing bots with highly accurate performance and realise AI projects of all complexities.

Scalable solutions

Designed for growing businesses, Tovie supports you with software and functionality that scale as your needs increase - from a simple bot answering common queries in first-line support to creating a fully-fledged virtual agent for complex tasks such as insurance claim processing.

No code development platform

Tovie platform is convenient for both developers and business. It has pre-built elements that you can link together for dialog script design and implementation - empowering tools easy to use by everyone.

Secure deployment

Deploy your Tovie AI solutions on our cloud or on-premise. We support AWS, IBM FS and dedicated server deployments of your choice. Flexible architecture that ensures information security and lets you control access to data.

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Compliant & Validated for Security with IBM

Tovie AI announces partnering up with IBM Cloud.

We are the first vendor in the Conversational AI space to be validated by IBM Cloud for Financial Services. All our conversational solutions are now automatically compliant for FS organisations.

Our clients think voice AI is a hot investment

Companies worldwide that use Tovie AI contact centre solutions see proven results


Reduction in call waiting time 


FCR rate


Increase in NPS score


Increase in customer retention rate

Case Study

BNP Paribas Cardif Reaches 83% FCR After Implementing Tovie AI Automated Services

BNP Paribas Cardif, the global insurance leader with a presence in 33 countries, hired Tovie AI for its call centre automation.

The company's call centre operated a 14 hour-day, with agents spending half of their time resolving frequent queries such as "Where can I find your office?" and "How can I get a payout?" The business made the decision to use a virtual assistant to help clients solve these issues more quickly and to lighten the workload of call centre agents. The outcome?

  • 66% inbound calls automated
  • FCR increased to 83%
  • NPS increase after bot implementation

Companies that succeeded with Tovie products

What are your biggest customer service challenges today?

Tovie AI helps enterprises on their path to digital transformation.
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What is contact centre automation?

How can chatbots be used for customer service?

Voice and chatbots for call centres find a number of business applications. They can be used to automate first-line support, inbound and outbound calls, conduct surveys, and provide personal assistance such as booking appointments and confirming orders.


Additionally, you can collect data from call centre chatbots for making decisions on further customer service optimisation and continuous bot training.

What are the main challenges in conversational AI for contact centres?

Implementing conversational AI in contact centres comes with several challenges. Among the top ones are natural language understanding, contextual and emotional understanding.

AI systems must ensure an accurate and reliable understanding of diverse customer inputs, which can be difficult as there are variations in language, dialects, and accents. The system must also understand and retain context throughout a conversation and remember previous user inputs, references, and ongoing discussions to be able to provide coherent and contextually relevant responses. The emotional part can be especially demanding for the implemented conversational AI, as for effective communication with humans, the system must recognise and respond appropriately to customer emotions, such as frustration, anger, or confusion. Therefore, it is imperative that AI systems are designed to detect and empathetically address customer emotions to ensure positive experiences.

To address the mentioned challenges, you need a reliable conversational AI solution provider equipped with advanced technology, such as a powerful NLU engine. That allows the provider to handle the intricacies of accurate customer intent recognition and relevant responses. With a comprehensive stack of tools, including a robust NLU core, ASR, and TTS technology, Tovie AI develops highly accurate and efficient bots powered by AI that can handle conversations of any complexities.

How does artificial intelligence in contact centre work alongside other technologies and applications?

With the proper support of integrated channels, it is easy to create a smooth workflow between virtual agents and existing systems. Tovie supports 30+ integrations with popular channels and business systems, seamlessly connecting to your contact centre applications, CRM, and other enterprise platforms in use.

Are Tovie AI conversational solutions compliant with enterprise security standards?

It is vital that conversational AI systems comply with enterprise security standards before they are eligible for deployment in an enterprise setting.  If you are using Tovie AI solutions, it’s important to know that it adheres to the strictest security standards in the financial sector. Tovie AI is currently the only conversational AI vendor to be IBM FS cloud validated. For more information, visit here.

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