Enhance patient experience with Conversational AI for healthcare

Human-like medical bots to automate interactions between healthcare providers and patients, optimise hospital workflows, and scale up care delivery.

Digitising the patient-provider communication to evolve with the changing world

The global digital health market is projected to grow at  27.7% annual rate by 2030

41% of healthcare executives consider investing in AI as their strategic priority within the next three years

The COVID-19 pandemic has emphasised the critical need for transformational change to improve both clinical and patient experiences, which has accelerated innovation in healthcare technology.

Conversational AI is the new present and future of patient-centred care delivery. Simple, flexible and reliable, it has quickly proven its efficiency to health providers.

Perfect for

Clinics & medical offices

Provide patients an access healthcare services and support without having to travel to office or make a call


Automate certain administrative tasks to free up nursing staff time to attend to patients

Pharmacies & manufacturers

Inform consumers about the medications available on the market and guide the proper use of healthcare products

Top use cases for conversational AI in healthcare

Tovie AI’s voice and chatbot assistants can be  tailored to the varying needs of enterprise-grade care service providers

Automated first-level support

Implement our healthcare chatbots to answer common questions about office locations, staff availability, and procedures - freeing human agents to dedicate their time to more complex tasks and more high-value work.

Smart appointment booking

Provide patients with intuitive conversational interfaces to schedule appointments, receive timely reminders, and stay informed about important appointment details - reducing call volume and enhancing operational efficiency.

Symptom checking

Automate symptom checking to assign care priority. Quickly identify urgent queries for immediate escalation and schedule other queries for further review. Improve patient intake by evaluating patients' conditions before introducing them to the care team.

Pharmacy chatbot

Offer patients a convenient way to learn about medications, check availability, side effects, and interactions. For better patient outcomes, automate routines like refilling prescriptions and reminding patients to take medications.

Personalised assistance

Increase patient engagement and satisfaction with virtual assistants that understand their specific needs and respond appropriately. Deliver one-on-one conversations and personalised recommendations based on the patient's profile.

Document search

Enable medical staff to search information quickly and efficiently through a document search chatbot. They’ll instantly receive summarised contextual responses to asked questions, reducing the time spent searching through files and boosting productivity.

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Tovie AI seamlessly integrates with existing systems

Transforming medical experience

Our holistic healthcare conversational AI solutions help create systems that truly put patients first and serve them efficiently on every step of their healthcare journey

Speech and intent recognition

Human-like conversations

Multilingual solution

Multichannel communication


More accessible care

Deliver convenient and accessible healthcare to patients regardless of location or time:

  • Provide easy onboarding to a new health plan
  • Help find and book an appointment with a preferred provider
  • Enable to manage appointments on the go


Augmented medical guidance

Make it simple for patients to understand insurance and medical terminology and access information about coverage and benefits. This will enable them to make informed decisions.

  • Help maximise coverage and benefits
  • Provide plan and policy updates in a timely manner
  • Educate patients on their options


24x7x365 dedicated assistance

Patients will use digital support to get immediate answers to often pressing questions and know whether they need immediate attention.

  • Provide instantaneous support
  • Help verify symptoms and assess medical conditions
  • Connect to the right resources and personnel


Post-treatment care

It is now easier for patients to follow doctor's orders and increase their chances of a successful treatment and recovery.

  • Set up reminders for medications
  • Facilitate individual health tracking
  • Automate scheduling follow-up care

Why Tovie AI?

Tovie Conversational AI ecosystem

Our complete toolkit includes a powerful NLU engine, ASR and TTS technology, enabling us to build healthcare bots with high accuracy performance and to implement AI projects of all degrees of complexity.

No-code development platform

With Tovie, you can easily enter complex dialogue strings with minimal effort. An extensive range of pre-built elements can easily be linked together to create a smooth dialogue script.

Secure deployment

Tovie AI solutions can be deployed on our cloud or on-premise. We support AWS, IBM FS, and dedicated server deployments of your choice. Your data is secure and that access to it is controlled.

Scalable solutions

The Tovie-based solution can grow with you, starting with a simple first-line support bot and progressing to a fully-fledged agent for complex tasks.

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LLMs & Generative AI for medical data querying

Tovie AI announces the launch of a dedicated solution for enterprises: Chat with your data. Document search and summary, personalised training chatbots, and other use cases for optimising internal operations.

Looking to build a ChatGPT like experience for your organisation?

How Conversational AI adds value to healthcare


Automation of administrative tasks


Increase in attendance


Increased patient outcomes and satisfaction


Cost savings

Clients that succeed with Tovie AI

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How can Generative AI be used in healthcare?

What is conversational AI in healthcare?

How AI is used for healthcare?

Artificial Intelligence has been a game-changer in the healthcare industry and has a wide range of applications from automating patient care and support to drug discovery and data analysis. Conversational AI technology in healthcare, such as Tovie AI, focuses on creating conversational interfaces and AI-powered virtual assistants to provide patients with personalised help, improving patient engagement and satisfaction.

Which is the best AI in the healthcare sector?

A conversational AI for healthcare is considered the most sophisticated if it can effectively incorporate features specific to healthcare while providing a seamless user experience and enhancing a healthcare organisation’s service in a meaningful way. The AI assistant for healthcare should have a vast knowledge of medical terms, conditions, treatments, and medications. It should be easily accessible to people of all ages and abilities and be capable of providing emotional support and encouragement to patients. On top of that, given the sensitive nature of health data, the assistant should adhere to all relevant privacy laws and regulations.

How automating call centres with conversational ai can reduce costs in healthcare?

Conversational AI can reduce costs in healthcare call centres by automating routine tasks, reducing wait times, providing a personalised patient experience, increasing efficiency, and improving data collection and analysis. If implemented right, conversational AI technology in healthcare organisations can improve business results and provide better care to their patients while reducing costs.

How to implement conversational AI for healthcare services?

Overall, the entire implementation process can be broken down into several steps and always starts with defining the use cases you need the AI system for. Then, you need to gather and prepare the necessary data. Next, develop conversational flows that are tailored to various conversation scenarios. After that, train and deploy the AI model, integrating it with relevant systems currently in use. After the launch, you should monitor the performance of your AI assistant, provide ongoing support and maintenance, and ensure that it complies with regulations. Lastly, establish continued collaboration between developers, healthcare professionals, and end-users for the implementation to be a success.

If you're interested in implementing conversational AI in your healthcare practice, it's important to work with a reputable provider who can ensure the technology is secure and that patient information is protected. Tovie AI is officially certified by IBM for enterprise-grade security and adheres to the strictest safety standard.

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