Transform the Healthcare service with Conversational AI

Provide your patients with personalized care powered by human-like medical bots

In the healthcare industry, human touch matters more than any other

Conversational AI is the future of the patient-centered approach to healthcare. In Tovie AI, we provide patient-physician contact at a distance, as well as remote care, monitoring, and patient admission.

  • 24/7/365 service
  • Deeper insights
  • Empathetic support
  • Personalized treatment
  • Scalable solutions
  • Reduced diagnostic errors


of U.S. hospitals will use medical bots to improve their quality of care by 2025

by 15%

is projected growth of the global virtual diagnostics market by 2027


shortage of trained health professionals by 2030


of healthcare executives admit AI will have the greatest impact in coming years

The COVID-19 has accelerated the importance of healthcare technology

Clinician burnout and undersupply of healthcare workers could lead to low-quality care. But with patients’ data and AI physicians can easily determine the optimal care for a patient

52% of consumers want to use voice assistants on their smartphones for healthcare use cases

Provide patients with accessible telemedicine tools


Make booking accessible

AI-powered patient-facing solutions enable patients to book appointments and reschedule on the go. Optimizing doctor appointment operations is a cross-cutting application across healthcare, helping both healthcare staff and patients.


Answer FAQs

Surround patients with care by instantly answering their questions. Medical chatbots are designed for specific cases to advise on insurance, symptoms, addresses, and staff availability.


Online medical consultations

Automate the patient intake process by developing a conversational AI assistant capable of gathering information about patients’ medical conditions through a conversational evaluation before introducing them to a member of the care team.


Transform medical experience

Using the voice assistant's advanced speech-to-text algorithm, patients can easily transcribe doctor's prescriptions with the highest accuracy, receive reminders to take medications, or even discuss disease symptoms.


The patients already use voice assistants to address their health issues:


ask about illness symptoms


search for medication information


look for hospital, clinic, or urgent care center location


ask about nutrition information and look for a doctor

Get conversational with your patients

Serve patients effectively with a virtual assistant that mirrors human behavior

  • Onboards new patients to their Health Plan benefits
  • Gives clear explanations of insurance and medical terminology
  • Helps patients access benefits and coverage information
  • Helps patients find and schedule an appointment or connect with customer service
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