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Chatbots for retail and ecommecre - conversational technology to re-imagine your online business

Retail ranks as the top industry in the world for the highest chatbot engagements among customers

The projected value of chatbot eсommerce transactions by 2023 is $112 billion

The increasing global trend for self-service options has transformed the way consumers interact with retail brands. Voice and text are now the preferred platforms.

Adopting conversational chatbots appears to be the best approach for impressing and engaging consumers. It also play a key role in your customer communication strategy, helping you build lasting relationships.

Benefits of implementing Tovie AI retail chatbots

Tovie AI's voice and chatbot solutions help retailers unlock new levels of efficiency by automating customer support and enhancing sales processes

Offer customer self-service 24/7

Empower your site visitors with a self-service tool that is available around the clock. Don't miss any more sales opportunities outside of store business hours. The Tovie AI shopping assistant is always available to greet visitors, answer questions, help find a specific product, place an order, and provide up-to-date information about order status.

Reduce support workload & cost

Tovie AI virtual agents can handle and process almost any customer service activity. This allows you to save a lot of human agent hours, which can be redirected to providing exceptional service to every customer that needs it. By automating repetitive tasks, you help your support team work more effectively and save on service expenses.

Drive omnichannel engagement

Easily integrate Tovie with other messaging applications, such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, to reach shoppers through the communication platforms they already use. Deliver personalised interactions to customers across all available channels that convert to sales.

Grow sales

A bot guides visitors through the steps of their customer journey by asking and answering questions in a conversational flow. Online shoppers can add items to their cart while chatting with the bot. The bot can also generate additional sales opportunities by showing ongoing offers and reminding users of items in their cart, prompting them to checkout.

 Personalise experiences

The Tovie AI shop assistant detects shopper intent and engages in personalised conversations using real-time customer information from your CRM system. It provides immediate answers and suggests relevant options based on various custom parameters. For example, it can recommend products based on previous order history.

Gain actionable business data

With Tovie implementation, you can gain unprecedented insights into your customers' behaviours, wants, and needs, gathered from chat conversations. Acting on these insights can improve the shopping experience, customised offers or marketing messages, ultimately strengthening customer engagement and relationships.

Enhancing the customer shopping experience

Tovie AI chatbots for retail industry are perfect for both brick-and-mortar stores and ecommerce.

From product discovery to repeat visits, our bots guide customers through every stage of the buyer journey, delivering the best digital experience your customers deserve.

  • Understand shopper intent
  • Ask relevant clarifying questions
  • Suggest best options based on needs and preferences
  • Give assistance with order processing


Product guidance

With so many products available, it can be overwhelming to find the right one. Make catalogue browsing a breeze with bot-assisted navigation. Whether your shoppers prefer text or voice, with Tovie AI you can cater to all users in the best possible way!



Richer online experiences

AI chatbots' conversational flow mimics the conversation of a sales rep in a physical store. The bot initiates communication with the visitor, gets to the heart of their problem by asking the right questions, and suggests the best products that suit the shopper's needs and preferences.


Real-time resolutions & updates

Deliver instant support to your buyers when they need it. Streamline returns, exchanges, shipping delays, and other common queries by automating behind-the-scenes processes.

  • Provide updates on order status
  • Process refund requests
  • Help with damaged and missing items
  • Support with updating account details


Personalised offers

Create offers tailored to shoppers' preferences and interests. Make customers feel nurtured and cared for after the sale, and they are likely to continue buying from you.

  • Notify about discounts on favourite products
  • Suggest complimentary items
  • Show a bundle deal
  • Assist in redeeming shopping rewards, points, bonus cash

Why Tovie AI?

In-house Conversational AI ecosystem

Our dev team has a unique tool stack, including an NLU engine, ASR, TTS, and emotion synthesis, that perfectly complement each other. This complete ecosystem enables us to work in total synergy while building bots with highly accurate performance for AI projects of all complexities.

No code development platform

Whether you are a seasoned developer or a business owner with no coding skills, the Tovie platform offers a comprehensive set of tools that are easy to use. With the ability to link pre-built elements together for dialog script design and implementation, our platform empowers all its users with a seamless experience.

Easily scalable with demand

Designed for retail businesses of all sizes, Tovie provides tools and solutions that can grow with your needs - from a simple FAQ bot answering up to 30 common queries to building a highly skilled AI sales assistant for more complex tasks such as lead generation calls.

Secure deployment

Tovie AI gives you the freedom to choose on the cloud or on-premises deployment, AWS, IBM FS, or any dedicated server deployment option that best fits your needs. Our architecture ensures information security measures are in place, allowing you to have full control over access to your data.

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Digital-first for Online & Offline

Tovie AI introduces a new solution for physical stores - Shop Assistant.

Shop Assistant helps customers navigate stores and place orders faster with their voice.

Trusted by leading brands in retail

Global businesses powered by Tovie AI Conversational AI solutions have seen results like


Decrease in service cost after automation


Increase in converted sales


higher AOV


Increase in online revenue

Case Study

Philip Morris reduces support workload and drives revenue growth during COVID-19 after Tovie AI implementation

During lockdown, the company's call centre traffic increased due to closed points of sale. This led to overworked support agents and high service costs.

To address this, the business implemented Tovie AI solutions to automate customer service. Customer communication was split into different channels (text and voice) during development. Chatbot Mark assists on-site visitors with product selection and FAQs, while call bot Christina recovers abandoned carts and processes purchases. The result?

  • Average query handling time dropped by 30%
  • The conversion rate went up to 75%
  • Cost per contact reduced by 7x

Companies that succeeded with Tovie products

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What is an example of AI in retail?

One common example of AI in retail is the implementation of AI-powered chatbots. These chatbots can be integrated into retail websites or messaging platforms to provide instant customer support and assistance. Equipped with NLP and ML algorithms, they understand and respond to customer inquiries, helping with product recommendations and order processing.

How to use AI to improve customer experience?

Retail AI chatbots make the shopping experience more convenient. Customers can receive assistance at any time of the day, receive product suggestions that match their interests and preferences and get help in completing the purchase.

How are chatbots used in retail?

Chatbots in retail offer a cost-effective and efficient way to provide customer service. Chatbots provide round-the-clock customer support and personalised assistance to customers by analysing their purchase history and preferences. They can also be used for product recommendations, order tracking, inventory management and marketing.

How do I add a chatbot to my store?

To add a chatbot, you first need to choose an experienced vendor with solutions for conversational AI in retail. The entire process of bot implementation comes down to these key parts: making a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs), choosing an implementation method, hosting the project, setting up integrations, and finally launching the project and observing its performance. To learn more, visit here.

Compared to other vendors, Tovie AI has an in-house ecosystem of AI tools powered by its own NLU engine. Our solution supports 30+ integrations with popular channels and business systems, seamlessly connecting to the retail applications and platforms you are already using.

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