Empower your banking service using conversational AI

Modern customers need a two-way conversation with a bank when handling finances. Make it happen!

Statistically, 82%
of clients leave a company due to bad customer service

The financial services industry is becoming more and more competitive every year. Digital customer experience can make or break a bank's relationship with its customers. To provide personalized banking services, financial institutions need to streamline both internal and external experiences.

Tovie AI offers a wide range of voice and chatbots solutions for financial services, banks, and insurance companies.

AI in banking is paying dividends


of consumers ask for voice assistant features in their favorite mobile apps


is the average satisfaction rate of bot-only chats


respond positively to a banking chatbot


of customers spend more money with brands that offer chatbot

Banking at scale with Tovie AI


Obtain omnichannel communication

Deliver a consistent customer experience across all offline and online channels with banking bots.

Fully integrated with the CRM system, a financial chatbot always knows what your customers said in WhatsApp and what’s the best credit card options based on their profiles info.


Skyrocket Retention rate

Make clients spend more time in your app. Provide them with a banking chatbot to answer FAQs and a voice assistant to make money transfers, check balances, and more new services.


Provide 24/7 support

Your hotline agents don’t have to work 24/7 to provide the best customer service. Be sure that AI-powered agents will answer FAQs, send reminders, and consult clients round-the-clock.


Relieve call centre operations

Don't make customers wait on hold while the hotline gets loaded with repetitive questions about loans, credit, insurance, and other financial services.Organize the process the way it should be organized - let the voice assistant talk to customers and the hotline agents can spend time handling difficult cases.


Leading fintech companies streamline their services with Tovie AI


of consumers ask for voice assistant features within their favorite mobile apps


AI-powered bots saved banks in 2019


of customer interactions could be automated in banks with the chat option by 2022


in operational cost savings banks will get from using bots by 2023


The callbot that never misses a call

A fintech callbot handles inbound calls in Brazilian and Portuguese languages

  • Takes phone calls instantly
  • Recognizes live speech, slang, and synonyms
  • Answers FAQs and insurance questions
  • Teaches how to collect insurance money
  • 40% Contact center load dropped
  • -30% Number of inbound call agents declined
  • -20% Missed calls reduced
  • 38% Increased automation of processes
  • 21,000 Monthly sessions are handled by callbot
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